also inspired by nothcom by seqil (developer for this puzzle), Jakub, spi, Joon, NoahVN, and cuong

begin your journey below, and...


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Created by Error Nexus Team (Dug_s, Raichiu, Supers, Calliope (possibly), shaftez, seqil, Hary, Bea, Gub, garoot, Fanoramic)

Player Quotes

Dug_s - "858119231970082867/873616590598459492"

Supers - "I never gave you a player quote, you put the quote in yourself"

garoot - "my child is dead"

Hary_Gamer - "so are we just copying nothcom?"

seqil - "yo can make notdugs"

Calliope - "I like how Raichiu swapped level 3 and level 2"